After putting on the largest conservation fundraising event ever held in their county last October, the Johnston County DU chapter is more than qualified to be this month's spotlight chapter.

"The guiding light to our event's success was the pre-selling of tickets and the recruitment of new volunteers," said Donnie Lassiter, area chairman.

With 372 pre-sold tickets, which was 125 more tickets than last year, this chapter significantly increased their gross revenue in 2008, but they also helped to start two new high school chapters that had combined gross revenues of $25,000.

"This has been one of the best chapters I have ever worked with," said Larry Wilkins, regional director. "As they move into a new season of fundraising this fall, their goal is to make it into the Top 100 for the first time in their chapter's 31-year history. I have no doubt they will succeed as Lassiter and his committee are really dedicated to the mission of Ducks Unlimited."