ONE way to increase your chapter's Greenwing membership is to underwrite your local schools and libraries for Greenwing memberships. By underwriting a Greenwing membership, we allow kids to see what DU is about and also a chance to learn a little about conservation.

Underwriting examples:

Public school libraries

Private school libraries

Alternative school libraries

Public (City) libraries

How to Promote the Iowa Ducks Unlimited Greenwing Program at Your Banquet?

Greenwing Membership Raffle - Get a gun underwritten and raffle it off with Greenwing Membership - Membership could be their own kids, relatives, libraries, etc.

Greenwing Membership Auction - Have someone explain the Greenwing program at the banquet. Auction off different schools and libraries for sponsorship. Get their bid# and have them pay at the end of the night.

After each Banquet - Call each local library and ask who decides what magazines go into the library. Explain to them who you are and represent and what you would like to do and ask if it is okay for you to send it to them.

If it is ok, check address with them, also decided on DU or Puddler

Magazines depending on age group using the library:

  • 0-12 Puddler
  • 12-18 DU Magazine

To get the right magazine just alter the Birthdate to 5 years of age for the Puddler Magazine or 15 years of age for the DU Magazine.

  • Example: Puddler Birthday 1-1-01
  • DU Magazine 1-1-91
Hopefully we will allow children to see DU and the work, conservation, cleansing of our waterways and many more benefits we do. Also it may give us new Greenwings and or new members down the road; we may never have reached before.