MEMPHIS, Tenn. - August 11, 2021 - This week Ducks Unlimited Television (DU TV) takes you to the historic Illinois River wetlands south of Chicago, home to some of the oldest duck hunting clubs in America.

DU TV co-host Doug Larsen hunts with Mark Staley and his sons Lucas and Alex for mallards in the Illinois sunshine. The Staley family is one of the oldest DU donors, going all the way back to the organization&squo;s founding in 1937.

"My grandfather is the one who started giving and he loved Ducks Unlimited,&dquo; Mark Staley said. "He passed that legacy on to my father who passed it on to me. As I got older, I continued to give to DU. It&squo;s part of my family and who we are.&dquo;

DU relies on the hardworking volunteers and donors who support the organization&squo;s wetlands conservation mission. People who are passionate about waterfowl conservation like the Staleys are the reason DU is closing in on 85 years of dedicated wetlands conservation and restoration throughout North America.

A lot of that work has been in places like the Illinois River Valley, a historic wetlands habitat and winter home to ducks and geese.

"The Illinois River in general is a unique system,&dquo; said Illinois Department of Natural Resources Wetland Program Manager Randy Smith. "It drains around one-third of the state and it&squo;s located in the historic Mississippi River course. All of the large backwater lakes in the system have created habitat attractive to waterfowl for thousands of years.&dquo;

Also included on this episode, DU CEO Adam Putnam talks about conserving the Illinois River Valley on "Insights,&dquo; professional retriever trainer Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels shows you how to prepare a retriever for flooded cover hunting on "Gun Dog,&dquo; and co-host Fred Zink prepares his favorite duck marinade on "Duck Talk.&dquo;

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