From an early age, Greg Nelsons dad told him, If you take from the resource, you need to give back to the resource. This has been Gregs motto throughout his life. He attended his first Ducks Unlimited event in 1967 in his hometown of Mankato, Minnesota. His passion for the DU mission was so evident that the very next year, as a high school student, Greg was recruited by the DU committee to solicit donations from local businesses for the event. He continued to attend events through high school and college when he could.

After college Greg joined the Navy, serving as a dentist. When he was stationed in Monterey, California, he took advantage of every opportunity to get involved with DU through local committees. Following a 28-year career with the Navy, Greg retired and moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he has been a dedicated DU volunteer for more than 17 years. He has served on Wyomings state DU committee for 13 years. From 2011 to 2015 he served as Wyoming state chairman, and he is wrapping up his second term as Wyoming state campaign committee chairman.

I have been involved with several conservation organizations, Greg says. They all do great work, but when I look at the impact on the broader landscape, I dont think there is a habitat that is any more important than wetlands.

Greg has been a DU Major Sponsor for nearly 23 years. He is a Benefactor Sponsor and a Platinum Feather Society member. As a Grand Slam Sponsor in Perpetuity, Gregs passion for conservation reaches into Canada and Mexico. When I considered how I wanted to leave my legacy, I chose Ducks Unlimited because the work DU does to conserve wetlands does so much more for the whole ecology of an area, Greg explains. It benefits not only waterfowl but all the wildlife that might surround it. Thats where I want to leave my mark.

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