Ducks Unlimited Great Plains Region (Region 2) fundraising staff exceeded their goals for the sixth year in a row. During the national fundraising staff meeting in Memphis, many Great Plains Region fundraising staff members were honored for their efforts and performance.

Josh Williams (pictured above, left), regional director for west Kansas and east Plains Colorado, was named Region 2 regional director of the year for his exceptional performance in FY15. Barry Allen (middle left) and Steve Wilson (middle right) were recognized for exceeding their stretch goals for four consecutive years. Greg Dinkel (right), Region 2 director of fundraising and volunteer relations, helped honor their achievements.

Forrest Gross (not pictured), North Dakota regional director, was presented with the Wetlands Warrior award for excelling fundraising efforts. Josh Williams was also recognized for exceeding stretch goals for three consecutive years, along with Erik Wettersten (not pictured), regional director for Front Range and West Slope, Colorado.