More than 52,000 Ducks Unlimited volunteers host a variety of events each year to support the organizations continental conservation mission. By attending a DU dinner or other event, you can have a great time while helping DU fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow, and forever.

What else can you do for the ducks? Consider attending a state or national convention. These annual celebrations and business meetings attract DUs most dedicated volunteers, partners, and donors. And make sure you mark your calendar to attend DUs 85th National Convention in New Orleans, July 1316, 2022.

How about something smaller but just as friendly? Talk to your local regional director or director of development about attending an Evening of Conservation. These are intimate gatherings that feature conservation education, camaraderie, and conversation about local projects while enjoying good food, drinks, and fellowship with other DU members.

Looking to try out that new shotgun? DU hosts a variety of shooting events, including two annual Continental Shoots and various local competitions. Continental Shoots are large, multiday events held at world-class shooting facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Branson, Missouri. Each offers 50-target, sub-gauge, and Super Sporting competitions as well as other events including 5-STAND. Local shoots vary in size and format and are held throughout the country. These events are geared toward the occasional target shooter in a less competitive environment.

Want to enjoy a DU event from the comfort of your home? Participate in a state or regional online auction. You will have an opportunity to bid on official DU merchandise and firearms that are only available through DU. This is your chance to get fantastic products and support wetlands and waterfowl conservation at the same time.

Whether you take part in a dinner, shooting event, Evening of Conservation, or online auction, you are providing the support that powers important conservation work across North America. To learn more about attending a DU fundraising event, visit

Raleigh, North Carolina, Heritage Sponsors Henry and Amanda Kidd enjoy the camaraderie that DU events promote. Henry was first introduced to DU at the age of 12. His father took him hunting and to his first DU event, where they won a boat, motor, and trailer. From that point forward, Henry was a supporter of the DU mission.

After attending the University of North Carolina, he moved to Raleigh and was looking for a way to meet people in the area. So in 1986 Henry sent a postcard to DU asking if he could volunteer. He became a sponsor chair for the local event and eventually became the state chairman in North Carolina and a member of DUs board of directors. To this day, Henry and Amanda love attending the national convention. Sixteen or 17 years ago, Amanda and I were challenged by State Chairman Lloyd Goode to attend national convention, Henry remembers. Initially we werent excited about spending our vacation there, but we ended up having such a great time, and we havent missed one since. Our favorite thing to do is trading pins with other members. Henry says he shares former DU President John Tomkes sentiment that he came for the cause but stayed for the people.