Eric Eberhardt is a Pennsylvania native, a fourth-generation family car dealer, and a wetlands and wildlife conservationist. His story is similar to those of many DU supporters across North Americawith one exception. Eberhardt doesnt hunt waterfowl or any other game. Hes part of a growing segment of DU support coming from nontraditional sources. These are individuals and families with environmental and humanitarian concerns who would like to help fulfill DUs mission.

I must have started attending conservation organization banquets around 15 years ago, Eberhardt says. Most people believe Im a hunter when they come to my house and see all the stuff Ive bought at banquets over the years.

Eberhardt is a naturalist, someone on the side of nature and committed to preserving it for today and for tomorrow. He believes in giving back to good causes, and Ducks Unlimited de Mxico (DUMAC) is one of his favorites. He travels to Mexico every year to gain perspective, and he knows the many challenges facing the rural Mexican population, including basic sanitation. In 2019, DUMAC, in association with Axalta, provided 50 dry toilets to the Lake Cuitzeo and Sayula Lagoon areas. It is these kinds of efforts that attracted Eberhardt to DUMACs mission.

While I want to see the ducks flourish, I want to see the people flourish too, Eberhardt says. When DU showed us what they were doing in Mexico, I was happy to support the cause.