Fall is a special time of year. After months of heat and humidity, were finally enjoying some cooler weather, seeing beautiful fall colors come to life and eagerly awaiting one of our nations most spectacular sights and soundsthe annual waterfowl migration.

Fall reminds us just how important our conservation efforts are across U.S. and Canadian Prairies. The small wetlands that dot this treasured landscape are the engine that drives continental duck populations, sustain healthy fall flights and maintain our nations rich hunting traditions.

Despite lower commodity prices and drier conditions, we continue to see relentless threats to drain wetlands across the prairies. Thankfully, landowner demand for voluntary conservation programs to conserve these irreplaceable resources remains strong. Today, there is a backlog of more than 1,600 landowners across the Dakotas and Montana waiting for easement offers on 355,000 acres valued at more than $300 million. We must overcome these challenges and secure the resources needed to respond to this urgent conservation opportunity.

Our staff continues to innovate and expand new working land programs, like cover crops, that provide win-win solutions for sustainable agriculture and wildlife. Our science team is also evaluating our oil and gas impacts research, expanding our knowledge base on wetland values and working to recruit the next generation of leading waterfowl and wetland scientists.

Maintaining sufficient and reliable water supplies also remains a top priority across our important migration states of Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. Here, our staff and partners are developing innovative ways to fund water projects, build non-traditional partnerships and seek policy solutions for limited water supplies. We must work effectively across the Flyway to achieve our continental conservation mission.

Fall is also a good time of year to reflect and give thanks to all of those that help us achieve success every day and chart a clear path forward. Were thankful for the steadfast support from our volunteers, staff and partners.

We encourage you to get out this fall, enjoy some of the fruits of our labor, attend a DU event and witness one of our nations greatest migration spectacles.

Thanks for your continued support and commitment!

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Dr. Steve Adair
Director of Operations

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Greg Dinkel

Director of Fundraising &Volunteer Relations

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Eric Lindstrom
Managing Director of Development