Information in the most recent edition of Wildfowl Magazine suggested that dusky geese were a legal species to harvest this season. This IS NOT correct.


Dusky geese are NOT legal to harvest.

The season for dusky Canada geese has been closed since 2015 in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon.

Prior to 2015, hunters could legally take one dusky per season under a quota system where immediately after the hunter left the field, all harvested geese were required to be checked in at a check station. If a hunter harvested a dusky, their goose permit would be invalidated, and they could no longer hunt geese for the remainder of the season. Each dusky Canada goose harvested would count against the quota and if the quota was reached, the season for all geese would immediately close. In 2015, Flyway managers modified regulations by prohibiting the harvest of dusky Canada geese.

Although the dusky Canada goose population did increase from their historical low point in 2009, the population is still below the Flyway population objective of 20,000.

Make sure you can identify your geese: