The Rainwater Basin Joint Venture recently presented Tim Horst, Ducks Unlimited Land Manager in Nebraska, with its Wetland Stewardship Award. This award is presented annually to a person who is outstanding in their efforts to manage, restore and acquire wetlands in the Rainwater Basin (RWB).

Horst helps agencies and other landowners manage wetland habitat that has become choked with invasive perennial vegetation. To date, more than 5000 acres of Rainwater Basin wetlands have been enhanced by Tim and his crew of equipment operators. DU recently received additional funding for its wetland habitat disking and spraying program to cover another 2,200 acres. Horst also manages multiple Ducks Unlimited properties in the RWB and elsewhere in Nebraska, as well as works with private RWB landowners to deliver wetland restoration projects on their properties.

"Tim Horst has been making the Rainwater Basins better with his efforts for many years," the nomination reads. "He has disked many thousands of acres to improve the wetland habitat in this critical migration habitat. He has the drive to make sure the job gets done and that it gets done right. Tim has also been involved in acquiring pivotal roundouts next to public properties. Tim has done all this without looking for any praise and he just takes pride knowing that he is making the Basins a better place for wildlife, waterfowl and recreationists."

The Rainwater Basin Joint Venture partnership includes public agencies, conservation organizations, natural resources districts and private landowners.