While breeding habitats often take center stage in Ducks Unlimiteds conservation plan, there is plenty of evidence that wintering habitats are also important. And in some years, over 25 percent of North Americas waterfowl spend the winter in the mangrove swamps and other habitats of Mexico, where the birds rest and prepare for their return north for another successful breeding season. Thanks to the support of our Major Sponsors and other partners, Ducks Unlimited de Mxico (DUMAC) is fighting to protect and enhance these crucial wintering habitats.

DU Gold Benefactors, DUMAC Benefactors, and John E. Walker III Society members JB and Kelly Kolodsky recognize the importance of supporting the wintering habitats that waterfowl call home for over half the year. Growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast has made us aware of the loss of coastal habitat, but that is just part of the migration pattern, JB says. It makes sense to us to support our southern neighbors with their conservation efforts as well.

The John E. Walker III Society is made up of DUMACs staunchest supporters, who annually contribute $1,000 or more in cash to the organization. These conservationists understand that an ongoing and significant annual commitment is necessary to achieve DUMACs goals, and they are dedicated to making the organization one of their giving priorities.

Ducks Unlimited is pleased to recognize members of the John E. Walker III Society for 2018 and 2019, with a special tribute to charter members who continue their support:

Marolyn and Colonel Robert L. Bobby Lee Acomb III

Kurt and Kathy Adams

Clif and Liz Alexander

Jack and Amber Allen

Marshal and Diana Anderson

Mikkel R. Anderson and Peggy Sundstrom


Bill and Libbie Ansell

Duane and Annamaria Arnister

Axalta Coating Systems

Thomas C. and Susan W. Ballew

Amy Batson

Michael D. Baudhuin

Eric and Sharon Beier

Tom and Zandy Benefield

Richard and Pamela Berg

Gary and Johanna Blair

Paul and Jakki Boehne

Betsy Bolfing

Sandi and Paul Bonderson Jr.

Terry and Lynda Boxdorfer

Jim and Bella Brannan

Grant R. Brees, DVM

Steven and Holly Bridwell

Michael B. Burton

Jim and Marcy Calaway

John and Joan Calder

Mike and Robbi Carey

Dan and Claudia Caudle

Steve and Kathy Christian

Shea and Dylan Combs

Kenneth R. Cook, MD

Steve and Alison Cook

Pete and Marilyn Coors

Don and De Lou Corbitt

William T. Couch

James and Roberta Cropsey

Eileen and John Cushman II

Laurie and Larry Davis

Shawn de Cento

Eric and Wendi Demers

Denny and Midge Denham

George C. Dieter

Greg Dinkel

Matt and Debbie Doyle

Karl David Duex

Livia and George H. Dunklin Jr.

Michael and Carolyn L. Dvorak

Ginny and Dr. Dale Eckert

Randall and Jan Edwards

Scott and Melissa Eisenhauer

Etsell Otto Emde Jr.

John Erion and Kathryn Miller

Jay C. Feil

Harley Doug Ferguson

Paul and Christie Fincher

Dave and Shari Flink

Kevin Flynn

Scott and Candie Forrest

George C. Freeman III

Douglas and Allison Frey

Douglas and Allison Frey Foundation Inc.

Dr. Edward D. and Sally M. Futch Charitable Foundation

Debra and Robert Garrity Jr.

Dr. Rodney Gigstad and Dr. Carol Hagen

Richard and Paige Godfrey

Robert and Amy Gokey

Tricia and Jim Grant

Ellis and Lettie Guilbeau

Hunt and Mary Scott Gunter

Marshall and Gwen Haferkamp

Dale and Sarah Hall

Mary Margaret Hamilton

Jake R. and Jennifer Hansen

Dana and Adrianne Hanusik

Zachary D. Hardy

Jeff Heidelbauer and Rebecca J. McGee

Scott and Christine Hettermann

Chris and Malia Hildebrandt

Ruth A. Hoefs

Camille and Rogers Hoyt Jr.

Guy R. Jackson

Jim and Maryann Jankowski

Ken and Cheryl Jansa

Eric and Christie Johnson

Galen and Marsha Johnson

Rich and Joyce Johnson

Scott Johnson and Alysia Belangie

Les and Lynne Jones

Donald Kallenberger

Matt, Molly, and Madison Kaminski

Pat and Megan Kehoe

Junior and Bonnie Kerns

Chris and Kacee Khoury

Luke and Sonja Laborde

Donnie and Linda* Lassiter

Jim Leitzke

Frank and Rose Lemcke

Woody and Gretchen Lovelace

Larry Lundberg

Wendell and Aimee Malmberg

Chad and Jana Manlove

Materias Primas Monterrey S. DE R.L. DE C.V.

Brian and Melissa Mattison

Roseada and Dr. L.J. Mayeux Jr.

Tate and Eileen McCoy

Mickey and Gilda McMillin

Ben Meyer

Kyle and Nicole Momsen

Dr. Thomas E. and Anne Marie Moorman

Nicholas and Marla Moss

Morgan S. Nalty

Greg Nelson

John and Geni Newman

Joey Nicosia

Brian and Tobi Noll

Marty and Christi Nothstein

Jay B. Owen

Jim Pardini

Scott A. Paterson

Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation

Chris and Nickie Phinney

Scott and Kelly Pond

John and Jane Pope

Michael and Kay Ptaschinski

Tom and Karen Quarandillo

Ron and Fran Rich

Jack Riesselman and Patricia Neifert

Robert and Georgiana Riley

Patti and Dr. Ronal F. Roberson

Wayne and Katherine Roberts

Thomas R. Rochette

Clay M. Rogers

Eric A. Rose

Danny and Sherry Ross

Ron and Pat Royer

Daniel Salcido

Gary and Debbie Salmon

Cathy and Tom Sanders

Ron and Christen Sanders

Lisa J. Scheller

Silberline Manufacturing Co.

Steve and Kristin Schmitt

Doug and Linda Schoenrock

Melvin and Diane Skeeles

Charles F. Smith Jr.

Richard B. and Donna M. Smith

Sam and Stephanie Smolik

Bob and Kim Spoerl

Kathy Stelly and L. Paul Henry Jr.

David Stern

Joey and Jena Stough

Kent Stout

Bob and Rita Sundberg

Jay and Robin Taylor

Rea Taylor

Christine and Stanton Thomas

J.E. Yazoo Thomas

Snuff Thompson

John and Judy Tomke

Gildo and Jane Tori

Joseph and Lora Trujillo

J.T. Skip Tubbs and Sally Roch-Tubbs

Julius F.* and Sally Wall

Paul and Kathleen Warren

Wendell Weakley

Don Weempe

Michael and Brenda Wendlandt

Jack and Betsy Witt

Michael and Bonnie Woodward

Scott and Dianne Yaich

Charter members