SACRAMENTO, CALIF. - Jan. 7, 2016 - Mark Biddlecomb, Ducks Unlimited's Western Region Director of Operations, made the following statement regarding California Governor Jerry Brown's proposed budget:

"Today's budget is a recognition of state and voter approved priorities for conservation and wetlands in California. We are pleased to see the Governor propose $90M of voter approved monies from Proposition 1 State Obligations Funding to help implement the state share of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. This landmark 1992 agreement between the federal and state governments is the backbone of support for California's 19 refuges and wildlife areas.

Despite significant progress over the past several decades, more work is needed to complete the necessary infrastructure for water delivery to these critical habitat areas. These dollars can also be utilized to supplement additional water deliveries for conservation purposes, to support water recycling projects for additional environmental benefits, and to implement innovative solutions that benefit ag, urban, and conservation purposes alike.

We are also pleased that the Governor continues to fund wetlands enhancement and restoration as part of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, proposing $60M for these purposes to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Wetlands serve to filter pollutants and improve water quality, in addition to providing carbon sequestration benefits. Natural landscapes offer some of the best carbon sink opportunities in California, and we look forward to working with the Governor and his administration in meeting these goals."