Bump-Sullivan Reservoir, one of the most important migratory stop-overs in southeastern Wyoming, will benefit from a recent acquisition made by Ducks Unlimited. The reservoir, which is part of the Springer Wildlife Management area south of Torrington, can also be one of the best places to hunt waterfowl in the area. However, an extended drought period in the early 2000s left the reservoir mostly dry, and the habitat was not available to waterfowl. Ducks Unlimited is working with Wyoming Game and Fish Department and partners to make sure that doesnt happen again.

DU purchased a property and its associated water rights near the reservoir. The plan is to restore habitat on the 340-acre parcel, keep the property in agricultural production, while providing habitat for waterfowl at Bump-Sullivan Reservoir.

We are excited about restoring irrigated wetlands on the property, which will benefit waterfowl and enhance public hunting opportunities, said Martin Grenier, Manager of Conservation Programs for Wyoming.
DU is also collaborating with the state of Wyoming and exploring opportunities to open access to an additional 160 acres of adjoining state property.This would increase the total public access area to 500 acres, during the time DU owns the land.

Once the property is restored and protected, Ducks Unlimited plans to sell the property to a conservation-minded buyer as part of its Revolving Habitat Strategy.

It is important that we maintain agricultural production on properties we purchase. Agriculture is important to the West and it benefits migratory birds. Once we conserve and secure the habitat on the land, we then revolve the property out to a conservation buyer who will keep the land in production, he said.