Theres an air of excitement around Ducks Unlimited de Mexico (DUMAC) headquarters as this valuable part of Team DU celebrates 45 years as the leading conservation organization in Mexico.

Eduardo Carrera, DUMAC CEO and executive director, says the organizations success would not be possible without the support of many committed individuals. Through hard work, a dedicated staff, incredible volunteers, and staunch supporters, DUMAC has developed more than 260 wetland projects and conserved 1.96 million acres so far, he says.

DUMAC has made it a priority not only to preserve, protect, and restore the diminishing wetlands of Mexico that waterfowl rely on for survival but also to make a difference in the communities that impact these crucial areas. To accomplish this important work, DUMAC partners with key stakeholders such as Axalta Coating Systems. Working together, DUMAC and Axalta have significantly reduced organic materials passing into wetlands by building wastewater-treatment plants and biodigesters and installing waste-management stations to the underserved communities where wetland restoration and health are vital.

DUMAC is also celebrating the election of its tenth president, Bill Ansell, of Houston, Texas. Bill is a lifelong outdoorsman. He served as DUMAC vice president and treasurer before taking over as president this year. Bill succeeds Mickey McMillin, who has led DUMAC since 2016.

Bills dedication to DUMAC is driven by a deep connection with his late father-in-law, John E. Walker III, former president of both DU and DUMAC. My commitment is intense, and my goals are lofty, but my hope is that once I hit the pearly gates, John Walker will be proud, Bill says.

Eduardo has no doubt that Bill will carry on this important legacy. Bills being here is a testament to the influence of Johnny, he says. John Walker was an unwavering supporter of DUMAC and clearly understood the importance of Mexicos role in the management of North Americas waterfowl and wetlands. Bill will undoubtedly follow his lead.

In addition to a new president, DUMAC welcomes its first director of development, Marty Nothstein. Marty brings over 10 years of executive experience in strategic leadership, fundraising, and relationship building. Marty is also an Olympic athlete, winning gold and silver medals at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic games in sprint cycling. He is an avid outdoorsman and a strong conservationist and has helped protect over 23,000 acres of farmland in Pennsylvania.

My focus will be to bring awareness and support to conservation priorities in Mexico, Marty says. I am so excited to be working for Ducks Unlimited and to be part of an organization that is truly leaving the world a better place. It is very energizing.