Ducks Unlimited (DU) waders are helping to keep electricity flowing to Cass County Electric Cooperative users in North Dakota. The waders, made by Itasca, keep the Cass County crew comfortable when they need to fix a power line, especially when restoring power in tough conditions. The crew was featured on the cover of the North Dakota Rural Electrics magazine, North Dakota Living.

Cass County crew member Phil Lamb said the crews are given a budget to purchase the gear they want. They chose the Itasca DU waders because they keep them warm in the winter, cool in the summer and are very comfortable.

"The crew likes them because they are versatile, comfortable, and we can use them year-around when conditions are wet and not in our favor,&dquo; Lamb said. "The waders are a necessary piece of clothing for our crew when we are faced with wet, unfavorable conditions, especially when poles are in the middle of a slough or, like this summer, when we had a bad thunderstorm roll through and knocked power poles down, and everything is wet.&dquo;

Itasca, based in Minnesota, specializes in footwear for outdoors enthusiasts. They manufacture and sell DU-branded boots and waders under private label. Itasca&squo;s partnership with Ducks Unlimited began in 2013, and a portion of every product sold helps conserve waterfowl habitat. To-date, this program has generated more than $790,000 for DU&squo;s conservation efforts.