MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Aug. 27, 2019 - Oklahoma waterfowling takes center stage when co-host Doug Larsen heads for Chandler, Oklahoma, on this episode of DU TV.

Chandler may be small in population but it&squo;s big in dollars raised for wetlands conservation. This tiny town (pop. 3,100) is always in the top three in Oklahoma in event fundraising.

Meet the man behind this phenomenon, Joe Ready, at his well-managed property loaded with ducks.

Joe has spent two decades transforming the land from permanent water structures into moist soil water-controlled units.

"What I bought was a slough,&dquo; said Ready. "What we developed is a moist soil plant haven for migrating ducks.&dquo;

Mainly puddle ducks use the property with green-winged teal, mallards and pintails featured in the episode.

DU TV co-host Doug Larsen enjoys hunting mallards above all ducks.

"There&squo;s duck hunting and then there&squo;s mallard hunting,&dquo; he said. "You call to them, work them around the decoy spread and finally get them to commit and drop into the decoys. It&squo;s the pinnacle of the sport.&dquo;

Also, on this episode of DU TV, DU CEO Adam Putnam discusses moist soil unit management on Insights. Phil Bourjaily talks about DU TV&squo;s official shotguns, the Browning Wicked Wing A5 and Maxxus models and Mike Stewart shows you how to teach your retriever to mark by sound.

Next week the Oklahoma adventure continues with more exciting duck hunting action and event footage with Joe Ready and his Chandler DU chapter.

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