MEMPHIS, Tenn. August 14, 2017 This week on Ducks Unlimited TV, Wade Bourne finds himself in the right place at the right time as a winter storm descends on south Louisiana, bringing strong winds and ample flights of ducks and geese.

"Were watching the weather channel and were seeing this Winter Storm Argo moving our way," said Bourne. "You know when they name a winter storm, just like they name a hurricane, that its going to be a blaster. And, believe me, the ducks had ridden in to south Louisiana en masse on that cold front."

Bourne was hunting at Big Pecan Lodge with Ted Beaullieu Sr. and Ted Beaullieau Jr. Both are lifelong duck hunters and DU Major Sponsors. Beaullieu Sr. is 89 years old.
"He is as passionate about waterfowling today as he was when he started at 10 years old," said Bourne. "He looked at me after that second day of hunting as we were coming in and water was splashing up over us, and he looked at me and he said: It doesnt get any better than this. If he said that once, he said it 10 or 15 times, and it just made my heart warm to see his enthusiasm."
Also on DU TV this week: DU CEO Dale Hall discusses the importance of Gulf Coast habitats and why they are at risk. Retriever trainer Mike Stewart explains how to keep your dog safe and healthy on the road. And calling champion Buck Gardner discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different call materials, including wood, acrylic and polycarbonate.
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