The Montana Wetland Council recently awarded Montana Ducks Unlimited a 2015 Montana Wetland Stewardship Award for exemplary professionalism and dedication to the conservation of wetland and waterfowl habitat.The award was presented to Bob Sanders and Abby Dresser, Ducks Unlimited's Montana conservation team, Thursday, May 28, at the Montana State Capitol during the 2015 Wetland Stewardship and Watershed Coordination Council Awards ceremony. The stewardship award team cited DU's accomplishments and commitment to Montana's wetlands.

Over the last 30 years, DU has worked statewide to deliver more than 500 projects that have conserved nearly 70,000 acres of Montana's wetlands and associated grasslands.

DU's network of members and volunteers, over 7,000 strong in Montana, provides the grassroots funding base to fuel a diversity of projects, which include wetland restoration, land protection and public policy work. In addition to its on-the-ground conservation successes, Ducks Unlimited's ability to build partnerships with government agencies, non-profit organizations, private landowners and others is arguably its most important contribution to Montana's wetland and wildlife resources. DU's innovative Revolving Lands Program benefits sustainable grazing and protects habitat. After protecting the grassland and wetlands, DU sells the property to local ranchers, honoring traditional land uses and improving habitat.