February 7, 2020

Ducks Unlimited is working directly with the dedicated partners and the Administration for the benefits of wetlands, waterfowl, and agriculture water needs by embracing collaboration as a way forward to address water issues in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta. As the world's leader in wetlands conservation and restoration, we believe voluntary agreements bring forth a new and exciting process for the citizens of California to protect and enhance our valuable water resources while simultaneously providing benefits to people, waterfowl, fish and other wildlife-without the need for litigation.

Through our experiences working with local, state and federal water leaders, water suppliers, farmers, and environmental groups, Ducks Unlimited understands there is opportunity to find common ground and immediate solutions to the complex issues that have plagued California's water system for decades.

Voluntary agreements, and the California officials leading the charge for water for wetlands, provide the framework for completing a comprehensive set of actions over the next decade and a half for water use and critical habitat. These actions apply the latest available science to maximize the use of water flows and habitat enhancements to ultimately benefit waterfowl, climate resiliency, and people.

These agreements represent the best of California. They also represent our best path to work together to restore wetlands, to restore the environment, and to benefit our economy. As the world's leader in wetlands conversation, we are collaborating on these efforts.