A commitment of $100,000 from Legacy Sponsors Tim and Mary Boyle of Portland, Oregon, will help ensure the completion of the Steelman/Mud Lake Project at Oregon's Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. Located on the Lower Columbia River, Sauvie Island WA is the state's most popular public hunting area. This proposed wetland enhancement project will protect and improve approximately 1,000 acres of waterfowl habitat, benefiting large numbers of breeding, migrating and wintering pintails, mallards, American wigeon, green-winged teal, Canada geese and swans.

Tim Boyle, president and chief executive officer of Columbia Sportswear Company, is an avid waterfowler who spends much of his free time afield on and around Sauvie Island. His partnership with Ducks Unlimited allows him to be directly involved in the enhancement and protection of an area he personally cherishes.

"We are excited to join DU's efforts to restore habitat on Sauvie Island," Boyle said. "The Steelman/Mud Lake Project will ensure that Sauvie Island continues to be a local treasure and national model."

A natural levee that separates Steelman Lake and Mud Lake from Sturgeon Lake is in immediate need of repair. Otherwise, the levee could fail, draining the lakes and allowing invasive species such as reed canary grass and willows to invade these wetland basins. A levee breach could also allow carp from nearby Sturgeon Lake to enter Steelman and Mud Lakes, destroying aquatic vegetation that is vital to waterfowl and other wildlife. To keep this from happening, Ducks Unlimited and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will conduct shallow excavation and levee repair work to ensure that these higher-elevation marshes remain separated from Sturgeon Lake.

The generosity of Tim and Mary Boyle will not only benefit waterfowl, but also the citizens of the greater Portland area who use Sauvie Island WA for myriad recreational activities. Ducks Unlimited is thankful for the Boyle's continued philanthropic support and partnership.


Columbia Sportswear Company is well known in the sporting community as a premier manufacturer of outdoor clothing that withstands extreme weather conditions and allows people to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. Ducks Unlimited is pleased to be the recipient of almost $1 million in contributions-including merchandise and cash-from Columbia Sportswear. These generous gifts are a clear indication of the company's partnership and support of DU's conservation mission.