Ducks Unlimited, Inc., Ducks Unlimited Canada, Ducks Unlimited de México and Wetlands America Trust continue to make DU's vision of abundant wetlands a reality through a new, $3 billion comprehensive campaign.
The campaign, “Conservation For a Continent. Our Wetlands. Our Legacy.” was publicly launched at DU’s 86th Annual National Convention in Las Vegas.
“Conservation For a Continent is a powerful statement. It’s a campaign that positions us as the true leaders in the global conservation movement,” DU Board Chairman Doug Schoenrock said during the announcement. “But it’s not just a statement – it's a promise. A goal that represents the single, largest continental wetlands campaign ever launched.”
Conservation For a Continent is built on five priorities vital to the survival of wetlands, waterfowl, communities, and ecosystems that rely on those resources. The ambitious effort will expand on the 16 million acres DU, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Ducks Unlimited Mexico have already conserved across North America.

Breeding Landscape Conservation

The Breeding Landscapes campaign priority supports DU initiatives to protect and restore crucial but threatened breeding habitat across the continent, a key conservation priority for Ducks Unlimited. 

Migration and Wintering Landscape Conservation

The Wintering and Migration Landscapes component will support efforts to protect and restore wintering and staging habitat along North America's coasts and the central and southern U.S.
Acres of wintering and staging habitat are lost due to land conversion, urbanization and degraded water quality. Gulf Coast marshes, California's Central Valley and the Atlantic Coast have been impacted, threatening the wintering and migratory birds who rely on these landscapes. Investing in these essential landscapes means protecting and restoring wintering and staging habitats to ensure healthy waterfowl return to the breeding grounds.

Conservation Research and Education

DU is the world's leading science-based nonprofit organization dedicated to wetlands and waterfowl. We rely on science to inform our conservation efforts on the most critical landscapes to wildlife and the people and communities in which they work, live and recreate.
As we research and use the learnings to educate our members, communities and corporate and policy partners, we can inspire the next generation of conservation leaders who will protect and restore wetland resources. Today's youth are vital to the health and abundance of tomorrow's wetlands and waterfowl. To cultivate tomorrow's leaders, we must continue to provide conservation education and meaningful engagement opportunities.

Wetlands Forever

This priority focuses on funding programs to encourage volunteerism and mission-focused projects where the need is greatest. Wetlands encompass 6% of the earth's land surface yet support 40% of all plant and animal species. Wetlands are biological supermarkets, providing food for diverse species.

Conservation Legacy

The Conservation Legacy component of Conservation For a Continent focuses on growing DU's endowment to ensure a strong organization sustaining critical conservation work for decades.
Conservation For a Continent builds on the success of DU's $2 billion Rescue Our Wetlands campaign, which concluded in December 2018. Rescue Our Wetlands raised an astonishing $2.34 billion from more than 2 million donors and conserved 2,236,435 acres.