MEMPHIS, Tenn. - March 13, 2020 - Dr. Jane Austin is known for being one of the first to recognize conservation challenges and for her ability to lead others toward solutions. Ducks Unlimited paid tribute to Dr. Austin&squo;s efforts by giving her the 2020 Ducks Unlimited Wetland Conservation Achievement Award for research or technical work today during the 85th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference held in Omaha, Neb.

DU&squo;s 2020 Wetland Conservation Achievement Awards were presented in six categories and recognized individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the conservation and restoration of North America&squo;s wetlands and waterfowl.

"Throughout her career, Dr. Austin was a champion of collaborative solutions to some of our most pressing conservation issues,&dquo; said Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Scientist Dr. Michael Brasher. "A most notable example was her leadership among the scientific community to identify the causes of declining scaup populations, which continues to guide our science and conservation on behalf of these species.&dquo;

Dr. Austin&squo;s 29 years of research with the U.S. Geological Survey&squo;s (USGS) Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center in North Dakota focused on the ecology of breeding waterfowl and the prairie habitats on which they depend. This work has helped guide Ducks Unlimited&squo;s conservation mission.

She has been heavily involved in planning for other wetland-dependent species, most notably cranes. Dr. Austin authored four chapters in a landmark document on the need for crane habitat conservation worldwide. Now retired from USGS, she continues to contribute through her work with the International Crane Foundation.

"Every year we recognize outstanding professionals for these awards who share our passion for wetlands and waterfowl conservation,&dquo; Ducks Unlimited Chief Conservation Officer Karen Waldrop said. "Ducks Unlimited relies upon a network of talented individuals to achieve our goals. Only through teamwork can we accomplish the steps forward needed to ensure a bright future for our wetland resources. We are pleased to honor these inspirational efforts leading the way for others to follow.&dquo;

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