Morrisville, N.C - When asked to describe a typical Ducks Unlimited (DU) supporter, you probably don't think of an organization like TrialCard, a pharmaceutical solutions company that helps patients simplify access to medications and treatments. However, you should.

"TrialCard is a community-minded organization focused on improving the lives of patients. We recognize the health of our planet plays a big role in that," said Megan McGrath, TrialCard's senior director of corporate culture and community impact. "Partnering with Ducks Unlimited aligns with our sustainability goal of improving the communities where our patients work and live."

The relationship between DU and TrialCard started in the fall of 2019. Will Johnson, DU's director of development for North and South Carolina was at an event in Raleigh, NC when a chance encounter with Megan McGrath led to the discussion of land protection programs supported by the Wetlands America Trust. The goal of Wetlands America Trust (WAT) is to provide specialized financial and philanthropic support to Ducks Unlimited. This has been the focus of WAT since it was created, and it will remain the primary focus for decades to come. From that conversation, DU was asked to help educate the TrialCard community on the importance of wetland conservation throughout North America and specifically in North Carolina.

"We were excited to bring the message of wetlands conservation to TrialCard," said Johnson, "Regional Biologist Emily Purcell and I conducted several virtual lunch and learn sessions for TrialCard, which really drilled down to the ancillary benefits of DU's work." The sessions sparked a deeper interest in DU's conservation efforts, which progressed into a hands-on workshop.

A group of 13 TrialCard team members later met with Johnson and partners from the North Carolina Wild Resources Commission at Jordan Lake in Chatham County to construct wood duck boxes. These boxes will be installed on public access properties across the state. "Our hope is that the newly established relationship between DU and TrialCard and the wood duck boxes that resulted from our collaboration will continue to evolve and the effort put forth will have a positive impact on this year's wood duck population in North Carolina," Johnson said.

In all, 10 wood duck boxes were constructed and are to be installed this fall.


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