MEMPHIS, Tenn. - June 9, 2021 - Ducks Unlimited (DU) recently released the latest film in its online series, DU Films.

In this film, the fourth of season 7, DU Films travels to the Texas middle coast near Bay City. Tropical Storm Beta had just passed, and September&squo;s early teal season was in full swing. Chef Ric Rosser of Spread Oaks Ranch was in good form as well, serving guests wild hog and alligator fresh off the ranch and smoked to perfection.

Rosser&squo;s roots started simple - wanting to create great food. He&squo;s also a lifelong outdoorsman and fish and game are a central part of his Spread Oaks menu.

While his primary job is preparing and serving unique and flavorful dishes, he&squo;s learned a lot about waterfowl and wetlands conservation during his time at the ranch.

"Conservation and sustainability go hand in hand,&dquo; Rosser said. "We provide wetlands and associated habitats for ducks and geese that have everything they need to thrive during their stay here. I&squo;m the chef and I know that fact. That means our staff is very passionate about wetlands and waterfowl conservation.&dquo;

Dr. Todd Merendino, DU&squo;s manager of conservation programs in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, works closely with Spread Oaks staff and other private land mangers through the Texas Prairie Wetlands Project.

"In Texas, private lands make up 95% of the landscape,&dquo; Merendino said. "For waterfowl and wetlands, it&squo;s imperative that DU works with private landowners like Spread Oaks. Our work in Texas relies a lot on our relationships with private lands where we engage through conservation easements and wetlands enhancement projects. That&squo;s the double whammy and the key to building quality Texas waterfowl habitat.&dquo;

New films will follow each month during the spring and summer. Every film from previous seasons is available for viewing now at

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