A can-do attitude is what you'll find in the Copper County, Michigan, DU Ladies Chapter. Under the direction of Area Chairman Judy Evert, these 13 ladies believe the sky is the limit year in and year out.

"Dedication, commitment and the pleasure of working together as a team is what motivates us to make the banquets happen," said Evert.

It is understood that the ladies of Copper County focus on their strengths. "Some are good solicitors, whereas some are good at setting up events. Letting them shine in their own ways is best for the chapter and the key to our success."

"These ladies continue to get better and make my life as a regional director easy. Judy is a confident businesswoman and the word "cannot" is not in her dictionary," said Lloyd Wilson, DU regional director in Northern Michigan. "The Copper County Ladies Chapter is goal oriented and committed to making things bigger and better."


Area Chairman: Judy Evert