MEMPHIS - May 23, 2016 - The Varsity All-Stars are Ducks Unlimited's 10 most prestigious high school chapters throughout the nation. In 2015 the Christian Brothers High School chapter was included on the list.

The National Youth Education Committee for Ducks Unlimited created and implemented the DU Varsity All-Stars program in 2014. The competition features the top 10 high school chapters from across the country based on dollars raised throughout the year.

"The DU Varsity All-Stars program helps to create competition, and competition helps drive success. It is exciting to see students having fun and learning about waterfowl and wetland conservation," said Mark Horobetz, Manager of Ducks Unlimited's Youth Education Program. "I am very proud of the efforts from our top 10 chapters, and for all the chapters within the DU Varsity program."

In 2015, the baseline to qualify for the Varsity All-Stars program was just over $13,000 dollars. Collectively, the top 10 Varsity chapters raised more than $195,000 dollars in 2015 for DU's conservation mission. Qualifying chapters within the program receive a banner to be proudly displayed at their school, while the winning chapter also receives a Varsity All-Stars trophy. The Christian Brothers High School chapter raised more than $19,000 in 2015 to support DU's conservation work.

These chapters earned spots on the All Star list out of the more than 40 DU varsity chapters nationwide. DU's event fundraising system has become a model for other conservation organizations around the world and has funded a significant portion of the more than 13.6 million acres of wetlands and associated habitat DU has conserved since 1937.

The 2015 All Star chapters also have the distinction of being honored during DU's 79th National Convention in Anchorage, Alaska, June 1-5, with many chapter representatives in attendance.

"DU chapters across the country are showing that conservation is important to them and to their communities," Horobetz said. "The more funds we raise, the more habitat we can conserve and the closer we are to preserving our waterfowl hunting heritage. It's also a great experience for these young people to learn fiscal responsibility, working as a group towards a goal and gaining deep knowledge about Ducks Unlimited's conservation work and the positive impact it has on our environment. I would like to personally thank all our Varsity All-Star chapters for their achievement, and I look forward to seeing them among our distinguished chapters next year."

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