MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Aug. 6, 2020 - Ducks Unlimited released the latest film in its online series.

In Chesapeake Bay, Conserve Films travels to the Delmarva Peninsula&squo;s western boundary in Maryland.

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Chesapeake Bay, a 64,000-mile watershed impacts the landscape and water quality from Virginia and Maryland to upstate New York. Its storied history of hunting and fishing make these waters iconic to sportsmen around the world.

Ducks Unlimited is at the forefront of Chesapeake Bay conservation and restoration. It&squo;s a Priority 2 landscape for the organization and DU works with private landowners and state and federal partners to ensure this immense watershed is vibrant and wildlife sustaining.

Private landowner Jerry Harris is a longtime DU donor and supporter.

"I bought into the idea long ago that Ducks Unlimited is working to provide waterfowl and wildlife habitat forever,&dquo; said Harris. "I think we have a responsibility to make the land better than we found it.&dquo;

DU Biologist Jake McPherson works on Chesapeake Bay projects and understands area history and the environmental impact these habitats have.

"One of the first things people discovered around Chesapeake Bay were the large numbers of waterfowl here,&dquo; McPherson said. "As colonization occurred, waterfowl were a big part of the culture and it continues today.&dquo;

Private property habitat manager Sam LeCompte knows how DU&squo;s intervention into habitat conservation is crucial to the future of wildlife.

"The things that man influences, in my generation, it&squo;s been the norm to say that if we had just left the landscapes alone it would be better,&dquo; LeCompte said. "I don&squo;t agree. What I&squo;ve seen is when the trend is hands off the habitat degradation is quicker. It&squo;s better to manage and mitigate the damage as we learn the best practices to accomplish this.&dquo;

August is DU Conserve month. The 2020 season includes four films released each week in August.

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DU Conserve is produced by Rock Road Creative and sponsored by Yeti and the First National Bank of Omaha.

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