South Carolina is a leader in land conservation. The states sportsmen, visitors, and lawmakers have long valued South Carolinas rich waterfowl hunting history and natural resource legacy. This commitment to conservation is demonstrated by the South Carolina Conservation Bank.

Since it was established in 2002, the Bank has conserved more than 288,000 acres of lands and waters for wildlife and outdoor recreation. It has protected private lands from the threat of development and secured public lands for waterfowl hunting and other uses.

The Conservation Bank expires on June 30, 2018. Ducks Unlimited is working with its partners and South Carolina lawmakers to ensure that the Bank continues to work for South Carolina. Please learn more about the Bank, and tell your elected officials to support reauthorization.


The Conservation Bank &DU: Quick Facts

  • The Bank has conserved 288,000 acres at no extra cost to taxpayers.
  • DU and its partners have used $5.2 million in Bank funding to obtain another $14 million for wetland conservation in South Carolina.
  • DU and the Bank have enhanced habitat and hunting opportunities on many public areas, including Bear Island, Donnelley, Botany Bay, Palachucola, Webb, and Bonneau Ferry wildlife management areas.