MEMPHIS, Tenn. - August 26, 2021 - This week Ducks Unlimited Television (DU TV) returns to northwestern Ohio and The Great Black Swamp, part of the Lake Erie watershed system near Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

In this episode, co-host Fred Zink hunts with Ducks Unlimited (DU) regional biologist Russ Terry and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Region 3 Biologist Jeff Finn.

The sun was shining in the wake of a major front and thousands of mallards and black ducks were in the area. The Great Black Swamp once held 310,000 acres of prime wetland habitat but much of the area was drained and utilized for agricultural purposes.

DU and partners like the USFWS work hard to conserve and restore the swamp back to its natural state wherever possible. A huge benefit of wetlands restoration around Lake Erie is improved water quality.

"Today roughly 70% of the former coastal wetlands landscape is in agriculture production,&dquo; Terry said. "This has been a factor in significant water quality issues in Lake Erie and a contributor to toxic algal blooms. These blooms are wreaking havoc on the lake and the local community drinking water supplies. It&squo;s a DU focus to address water quality issues through our wetlands habitat conservation.&dquo;

Water quality is not only a DU priority, it is important to state and federal partners as well.

"Water quality is becoming more and more important,&dquo; Finn said. "Especially in this area with the problems facing western Lake Erie with algal blooms. Restoring wetlands is becoming more of a water quality priority as they are the kidneys of a landscape.&dquo;

Also included on this episode of DU TV, Zink gives tips for late season duck calling on "Duck Talk&dquo; and DU CEO Adam Putnam discusses the challenges of conserving American black duck populations on "Insights.&dquo;

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