MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Aug. 24, 2020--This week on DU TV, a classic episode follows co-host Ashley Ward with her father, Jim, who introduced her to life outdoors and set her career and life journey in motion on an exciting hunt in Arkansas.

They are joined by Ashley&squo;s childhood friend Lauren Stanley and her dad, David, for a memorable father and daughter hunting adventure to remember.

"People often ask me, 'Ashley when did you start hunting?&squo;&dquo; Ward said. "My reply is always the same, I can&squo;t remember not hunting.&dquo;

Her father started her out at the tender age of four months.

"The first hunt I ever took Ashley on was for doves in September 1990. She was born in June of 1990,&dquo; Jim Ward recalled. "We hunted all afternoon. The dog helped out as another babysitter.&dquo;

Also, on this episode, DU CEO Adam Putnam discusses the role of youth and Ducks Unlimited in his Insights segment.

Duck and goose calling champion Fred Zink talks about teaching youth hunters to call.

And in this week&squo;s Duck Dog training segment, Mike Stewart shows you how to work multiple retrievers effectively on the same hunt.

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