In Alaska, the month of April is known for the spring breakup, when snows begin to melt, potholes emerge, and the sun peeks out from its winter hibernation. Its also prime time for Ducks Unlimited fundraising efforts on the banks of the Kuskokwim River, in the community of Bethel.

Although it is accessible only by plane, river barge, or snow machine, the small Alaska bush town still manages to host a popular Ducks Unlimited event every year. Earlier this spring, the Bethel chapter raised more than $68,000 for DUs conservation mission at its most successful event to date.

Held at the Bethel Cultural Center, these events provide members of the community with the opportunity to come together, have fun, and raise money for conservation. Even through the struggles of transportation, weather, and other factors, the committee was still able to secure more than $10,000 in underwriting for its latest event.

With a little over 16 miles of total roads, limited phone service, and more than 5,000 residents, this resilient group of volunteers works hard to make this event a huge success, says DU Regional Director Dave Weber. I couldnt be prouder of the volunteers, area chairman Travis Burks, or state chairman Jaimie Kassman for all their hard work.