Cooking Waterfowl in Volume

Try the following classic waterfowl recipes to share with family and friends

During these tough times, passing along a waterfowl dish with family members or neighbors will brighten their day. Many waterfowlers have plenty of wild game stocked in their freezer and cooking up a pot of gumbo or waterfowl stew makes a hearty, heartwarming meal. Try one of the following waterfowl recipes to do just that.

Duck Gumbo

Slow-cooked and full of flavor, a hot pot of duck gumbo is hard to beat

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New England Waterfowl Stew

This simple recipe is based on a cooking style that has been handed down for centuries

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Waterfowl Stew with Red Wine

A little wine adds a lot of flavor to this hearty dish

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Duck Pot Pie

This stick-to-your-ribs recipe takes cold-weather comfort food to new heights

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Mixed-Bag Chili

This one-pot classic turns the assorted waterfowl in your freezer into a hearty, rib-stickin' meal

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