By Jeff Kurus

There's no question that receiving permission to hunt on private land is a challenge these days in many parts of the country, but hunters can still gain access to prime hunting ground if they approach landowners in a polite and upfront manner. Here are a few tips:

  • Try not to ask permission on the day of your hunt. Stop by the property well in advance of the hunting season.
  • Don't visit too early or late in the day. If you can, also try to catch the landowner outside.
  • Only ask permission for yourself.
  • Tell the landowner exactly when, where, and what type of game you would like to hunt. Also, inquire about property lines, if you need to call before hunting, and any other restrictions.
Once you've received access to hunt private land, pick up after yourself and tread lightly on the landowner's trails and roads. Stop by periodically to chat. You may even want to bring the landowner a gift, maybe a Christmas ham or a plucked duck or goose, to show your thanks.