The goal is to create a perfect decoy spread each and every morning afield. The following collection of decoys may help you do just that.

Hard Core Rugged Series Magnum Mallards


Hard Core has taken their new Rugged Series line of decoys and built them to meet the demands of their customers, creating a high-quality, durable product worthy of the name Hard Core. Designed with their new FowlFlex Technology, these ultra-durable one-piece decoys incorporate true-to-life paint schemes and feather detail. A six-pack includes three drakes and three hens.

GHG Decoy Systems Hunter Series Lesser Canada Goose Decoys

GHG Canada Goose

A redesigned version of one of GHGs top sellers, these slightly oversized lesser Canada goose full-body decoys feature a new and improved head attachment assembly. These lifelike decoys are available in mixed active and feeder Harvester six-packs and include the updated RealMotion II system with stakes and bases.

Higdon Mallard Pulsator XS


Add motion to any decoy spread on windless days with the Higdon XS Pulsator Mallard Drake. The XS Pulsator features a 750-gallon-per-hour bilge pump and a built-in timer. Its internal 12-volt, 3-amp lithium ion battery boasts a run time of 7 hours and recharge time of 3 hours. Higdon Decoys are the official decoys of Ducks Unlimited and a portion of the proceeds goes towards wetlands conservation.

MOJO King Mallard


MOJO has taken its most popular spinning-wing decoy and redesigned it from the pole to the wing tips. The new construction connects the motor and wings directly to the pole to avoid any wobble or loose components. The King Mallard also comes with a built-in remote receiver and easily removable, rechargeable battery.

Higdon Battleship Pintails Foam Filled, All Drakes


Add more visibility to your setup with these all-drake pintail six-packs from Higdon, which can be seen for miles. The foam filling makes them nearly indestructible and the weighted keels allow for quick and easy setup in shallow water. A percentage of your purchase will go toward DU's wetlands conservation mission.

Avian-X Topflight Late Season Mallards


Redesigned with a wider base for maximum stability, Avian-X's Topflight Late-Season Mallards are lifelike and durable. Constructed from an advanced rubberized material and coated with a non-chip paint, these decoys feature realistic late-season poses based on bird behavior. Six-pack includes two resting drakes, two resting hens, and two low-head drakes.

Avian-X AXF and AXP Full-Body Specklebelly Fusion Pack


Avian-X's most recent addition to their line of goose decoys are the AXP (painted) and the AXF (flocked) white-fronted goose full-body six-packs. Molded from an advanced rubberized material with lifelike paint schemes, the AXP and AXF Fusion Packs include three feeders, two walkers, and one sentry, and come complete with motion stakes and a six-slot carrying bag.

Hard Core Rugged Series Full-Body Canada Goose Touchdown Pack


Hard Core recently launched a full redesign and the result was a full-body Canada goose decoy featuring FowlFlex Technology, which makes these decoys durable and resistant to daily abuse. These one-piece decoys also incorporate true-to-life paint schemes and feather detail. Six-packs include three active feeders and three hungry feeders with the TruMotion system.

Higdon Full-Size Foam-Filled Canada Goose Floaters


This economically priced Canada goose floater decoy features portability, looks, and durability. The decoy measures 10 inches wide and 21 inches from breast to tail and features a self-righting weighted keel. A realistic paint scheme provides improved visibility on the water. Four-pack comes with four head positions: Tru-Sentry, mid-sentry, rester, and Tru-Walker.