MoMarsh Ramp Stand

This lightweight, foldable, and fully adjustable ramp doubles as a ladder and a timber stand. Weighing 15 pounds and constructed of lightweight aluminum with a DuraMesh floor, this handy piece of equipment can be hooked onto a tree or the side of a boat to get your retriever into the action.

Dive Bomb Industries Bumper Bomber 4800

Photo Dive Bomb Industries

This handy product is designed to maximize the distance of your bumper throws with a lot less effort. The receptacle on the end fits ball grips perfectly, allowing you to scoop them up without having to bend over. Made with a high-strength aluminum shaft, the Bumper Bomber weighs less than a pound.

Dive Bomb Industries Dog Bumpers

Photo Dive Bomb Industries

Dive Bombs new Dog Bumpers are 11 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. They feature a ball-grip and high-strength nylon rope for long throws. An aqua valve allows you to adjust how the bumper rides on the water, and bumpers are available in multiple color options for any training situation.

Filson Nylon Dog Collar

Built for active dogs, Filsons Nylon Dog Collar is made of tough, one-inch-wide webbing that dries quickly and resists odors. The rustproof hardware is industrial-strength plastic for long-term use, and the D-ring leash attachment is solid brass.

Gunner Fan Kit 2.0

Photo Gunner Kennels

Gunners new Fan Kit 2.0 is waterproof, dustproof, and features a run time of 20 hours.
The kit, which will help keep your dog cool during warm-weather training or traveling, weighs a little over five pounds, comes with a 110/120-volt AC battery charger, and mounts directly onto Gunners G1 medium, intermediate, and large kennels.

Gunner Kennel Bowl

Photo Gunner Kennels

The Gunner Kennel Bowl has a custom mounting bracket that attaches to the inside of a G1 Kennel door. Its constructed of ultra-durable nylon, includes volume markings, and comes with a custom exterior funnel that mounts to the door panel, allowing you to add water when the kennel door is closed.