By Phil Bourjaily and Chris Jennings

G& P1 Oversize Pintail

G& has produced high-quality decoys in Americas Heartland since the 1950s. Molded from high-impact plastic, these classic decoys are hand painted and feature weighted keels, raised feather detail, and swivel heads. The drakes are 21 inches long, and the hens are 17 inches long. They are sold in six-packs with three hens and three drakes.

Higdon Mallard XS Pulsator

Get the water moving with Higdons Mallard XS Pulsator. This unit sprays water at timed intervals to create a churning, splashing visual effect that gets the attention of ducks in the air. Powered by a 12-volt, 3-amp lithium-ion battery, the XS Pulsator has a seven-hour run time.

Dive Bomb Industries F1Pintails

The latest addition to Dive Bombs F1 decoy line, these eye-catching pintail floaters will raise your spreads profile. Manufactured with molds created by world champion decoy carver Jon Jones, they are made of rugged blended plastic, and the size is true to life. They also feature self-righting keels, fine feather detail, and realistic postures. Each six-pack comes with four upright drakes and two active hens.

Higdon Outdoors Standard Foam-Filled Wigeon

Increase the realism and visibility of your decoy spread with these wigeon floaters. Lifelike feather detail and color schemes make these decoys pop under any conditions without unnatural shine, even when wet. Other highlights include a self-righting, forward-weighted keel and a keel clip for quick and easy set-up in any water depth. Each six-pack includes two upright drakes, two skimmer drakes, and
two resting hens.

KanatiLife Sidewinder

The Sidewinder attaches to the keel of any decoy and uses a simple, friction-assisted reel to wind up decoy line. Once installed, all thats required is to pull the weight to the desired length and drop it in the water. When picking up, simply rewind the string back onto the reel using the attached hand crank or a battery-operated drill, which cuts pick-up time by one-third. Sold in packs of six or 24.

Perfect Limit Outdoors Designated Puller

This automatic jerk cord system will bring any decoy spread to life. Its built with welded 16-gauge square steel tubing with a 12-volt low-RPM motor mounted on the frame, which powers a pulley arm. The frame also holds the battery box (on the mobile model), which includes sealed and waterproof wiring along with foam inserts for a secure battery fit. The height can be adjusted for different water depths. A hard-wired model is also available for permanent setups.

G& Standard Redhead

Designed with diver hunting in mind, these redhead decoys are 15 inches long and come with weighted keels. The specially treated high-impact plastic surface improves paint adhesion, and each decoy is hand finished with nonreflective paint. Sold by the dozen, each box includes six drakes and six hens.

Cabelas Northern Flight Big Spread FLD Mallards

The Northern Flight Big Spread FLD mallard floaters make it easy to add quantity and quality to your decoy spread. Made from a special blended plastic formula, these decoys are flexible and extremely durable. Theyre sold by the dozen, including six drakes and six hens.