Higdon Standard Foam Filled Blue-winged Teal Decoys

These standard-sized, foam-filled decoys are made to be indestructible. They also feature highly realistic paint schemes and lifelike head and body positions. Each six-pack includes three resting drakes, one skimmer drake, one resting hen, and one skimmer hen. higdondecoys.com

Banded CATALYST 3-in-1 Insulated Wader Jacket

Bandeds new ASPIRE Collection CATALYST 3-in-1 Insulated Wader Jacket features eVent fabric technology, which is breathable, 100 percent waterproof, and has an air-permeable membrane. This jacket features a zip-out liner with 100-gram PrimaLoft insulation, welded seams that minimize stitching throughout, underarm ventilation with water-repellent zippers, and a three-point adjustable storm hood. banded.com

Blindgrass Rice/Corn EZ Weave Mats

Dont worry about having to refresh your blind material halfway through the season. These fully synthetic mats from BlindGrass Camouflage Systems wont wither away as the season progresses. Sold in four-packs and measuring 24 inches by 33 inches, they can be painted and mixed with natural vegetation to make your blind disappear. blindgrass.com

Hevi-Shot Hevi-XII

New from Hevi-Shot, Hevi-XII offers a tungsten payload that is three times heavier than steel, allowing shooters to step down to smaller shot sizes for denser patterns and improved knockdown power. Hevi-XII is available in 12-, 20-, and 28-gauge loads of 2, 4, and 6 shot. hevishot.com

MoMarsh Versa-Blind

Designed to be used on dry ground or in up to 24 inches of water, MoMarshs new Versa-Blind will go just about anywhere the ducks want to be. The blinds individually adjustable legs and panels extend up to 22 inches, allowing it to be set up at variable heights and on uneven terrain. Front panels are 42 inches high and 36 inches wide. Total weight is 39.5 pounds. momarsh.com

ALPS Zero-Gravity Layout Blind

Get low. Real low. The ALPS OutdoorZ Zero-Gravity Layout Blind features easy setup with an off-the-ground chair that offers a low profile and minimizes shadows. The blind is highly portable with backpack straps and offers exceptional comfort for long days afield. alpsbrands.com

Boss Shotshells Stinger

Boss continues to grow its impressive bismuth lineup with new shot sizes such as loads of 6 shot available this year. Theres also a completely new offering: the Stinger. These 12-gauge shotshells feature 1-ounce payloads and a speedy velocity of 1,375 fps. Stinger loads come with the companys proprietary copper-plated bismuth pellets and are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 3/5, 6, 7, and 8 shot.

Kent Bismuth

Kent has extended its bismuth ammo line with two new loads of 5 shot made specifically for ducks over decoys. Options include a 3-inch 1 3/8-ounce 12-gauge load rated at 1,450 fps and a 3-inch 1-ounce 20-gauge load that travels at 1,400 fps. kentcartridge.com

Federal Custom Shop TSS

The Federal Custom Shop produces small batches of Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) turkey and waterfowl loads. For waterfowl, you can choose from 1 1/16 ounce .410 loads rated at 1,250 fps up to 1 1/2-ounce 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge loads that move at 1,500 fps. Waterfowl and upland selections also include 16-, 20-, and 28-gauge loads in 7 and 9 shot. federalpremium.com