The issue with new decoys is not whether there's a plan to get them, but which ones to get and how many. Every year a new batch of decoys hits the market, each style with its own appeal. Here's a collection of several of the most recent additions to the waterfowl decoy world.

Hard Core Brings Full-Body Mallard Decoys to Life

Hard Core's new Elite Series Full-Body Mallard decoys are designed to help waterfowl hunters finish even the wariest ducks. These decoys come in six different lifelike postures that add variety to any hunting spread. The TruMotion base system creates realistic movement and is designed for easy transport and setup. Each six-pack of Elite Series Mallards includes a sentry drake, sleeper drake, rester drake, feeder drake, caller hen, and feeder hen.

New Higdon Pintail Pulsator Makes Waves

Higdon's new Pintail Pulsator offers a look that's different from traditional butt-up mallard decoys. Its unique sprig tail and sharp visual contrast of dark wing tips against a bright underbelly increases visibility. The pulsating motion created on the water adds lifelike movement as well.

Hard Core Offers Elite Series Full-Body Canada Goose Decoys

Hard Core recently released its new Elite-Series Full-Body Canada Goose decoys. These fully-flocked custom decoys feature lightweight DuraMold construction, making them easy to carry and sturdy enough for the long haul. They are sold in six-packs containing a half dozen body postures and TruMotion bases.

Higdon's New Full-Size Mallard Decoys Grab Attention

Higdon Outdoors, Ducks Unlimited's official decoy partner, has upped the ante on realism with its new Full-Size Mallard decoys. Multiple head positions and bright paint colors help bring these decoys to life. They're sold in six-packs consisting of an upright drake, relaxed drake, sleeper drake, surface feeder drake, relaxed hen, and surface feeder hen. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these officially licensed decoys is used to support DU's conservation programs.

Avian-X Launches Topflight Sleeper/Preener Decoys

Avian-X Topflight Sleeper/Preener mallard decoys are based on a prototype carved by world-champion decoy carver Rick Johannsen. They feature realistic poses and convincing paint schemes for enhanced performance in the field. At 16 inches in length, these decoys are slightly oversized for added visibility. Six-pack sets include two preener drakes, two preener hens, one sleeper drake, and one sleeper hen.

Tanglefree Flight Series Mallards Take Off

Based on prototypes created by renowned carver Michael R. Braun, Tanglefree's new Flight Series Mallard decoys are designed to resemble real ducks. These extra-wide floating decoys are intricately detailed and feature brilliant, durable paint schemes. Flight Series six-packs include two upright drakes, two rester drakes, and two upright hens.

Greenhead Gear Announces 3-D Silhouette Canada Goose Decoys

Greenhead Gear, which is now owned by Banded Holdings, recently released its new Pro-Grade Honker 3-D Silhouettes. These decoys combine the portability of traditional silhouettes with unique features such as the RealMotion system, flocked heads and tails, and detailed paint schemes. Harvester Pack sets include six sentry and six feeder decoys.

Avian-X Flocked Shells Stack Up the Realism

Avian-X AXF Flocked Canada Goose Shells may well stack up to full-body decoys in appearance. They certainly stack for easy transport. Slightly oversized, these goose shells come with moveable flocked heads, textured bodies, and highly detailed and durable paint. Each six-pack contains one rester, one alert, two stretch-neck feeders, and two short-neck feeders.

Add Motion with Tanglefree's EZ Rig Jerk String

Add a splash and some motion to any spread with Tanglefree's new EZ Rig Jerk String. Up to four decoys can be attached to this jerk string, which comes with 100 feet of nylon line, a 1 1/2-pound anchor, and four pre-tied swivels.

Cabela's Northern Flightâbdquo;cent; Offering New Oversized Mallard Floater Decoys

Cabela's Northern Flight Oversized Mallard Floater decoys are built to survive the coldest, muckiest, and harshest conditions. The bodies are made of a special plastic mixture that allows them to be frozen, thrown, and dropped without breaking. Each set includes four drakes and two hens.

Avian-X Topflight Bluebill Decoys' Eye-Catching Debut

The Topflight Bluebill decoys from Avian-X feature wide bodies to stand up to choppy water so your spread maintains a lifelike appeal. The natural head positions and body postures deliver realism designed to fool wary birds. Each six-pack includes two greater low-head drakes, one greater low-head hen, two lesser active drakes, and one lesser active hen.

Add Color with Higdon's Battleship Foam-Filled Wood Duck Decoys

Whether hunting early wood ducks or trying to add depth and color to your regular-season spread, Hidgon Outdoors' Battleship Wood Duck Decoys are suitable for any occasion. Each set of six includes one rester and five upright heads. The four drakes come with flocked heads. Higdon Decoys is the official licensed decoy partner of Ducks Unlimited, and a portion of the proceeds from these decoys goes to wetlands conservation.

Tanglefree Pro Series Full-Body Pintail Decoys Stand Out

With three different body styles boasting realistic paint schemes, Tanglefree Pro Series Full-Body Pintail decoys are guaranteed to bring life to your spread. Texturing and color-shading take the realism up a notch. Each set comes with four Run N' Gun field stakes and round bases for setting up on ice or shorelines. Four-packs include two feeder drakes (22.5" long), one upright drake (19.75" long), and one sleeper drake (18" long).

Higdon Full-Size Snow Goose Floaters Diversify Any Spread

Crafted to the highest standards, Higdon Outdoors' Full-Size Floater Snow Goose Decoys add diversity, dependability, and realism to your spread. The weighted keels self-right the decoys so you don't have to. Includes three distinct head positions: one sentry, two resters, and one preener (each 21" long x 10" wide). Higdon Decoys is the official licensed decoy partner of Ducks Unlimited, and a portion of the proceeds from these decoys goes to wetlands conservation.

White Rock Launches Collapsible Full-Body Speck Decoys

White Rock Decoys' Specklebelly Collapsible Full-Body Decoys feature White Rock's Cram-Flex technology, a collapsible and durable rubberized foam construction that offers easy loading into remote hunting spots. Cram-Flex also keeps these decoys incredibly light. At less than 2.5 lbs. per six, trekking in a full spread of decoys to the blind in one trip is a cinch. Includes two uprights, four feeders, and six 24-inch fiberglass stakes with White Rock Decoys' Friction Fit Motion System for lifelike movement in light breezes.