Finding the right accessories can make or break a day afield. This year's new offerings include gun cases and a wide range of gun cleaning tools.



a. Wren & Ivy Fowling Piece Case This attractive shotgun case by Wren & Ivy is custom made with the traditional wingshooter in mind. Crafted of bridle leather and waxed canvas, the Fowling Piece case is fleece-lined to protect your firearm's finish. Other quality features include brass zippers and buckles, a brass padlock, a leather shoulder strap, several storage pockets, and more.


b. Birchwood Casey SportLock Soft Case Series Shotgun Case This soft gun case from Birchwood Casey is 52 inches long and built with two inches of quilted interior padding to protect your firearm. The case features heavy-duty zippers, carrying handles, a shoulder strap, an external accessory pocket, and a protective muzzle cap.


c. Birchwood Casey Choke Tube Lube Avoid the headache of a stuck choke tube by using this specially formulated lubricant from Birchwood Casey. This non-evaporating choke tube lube withstands heat and provides maximum protection against friction and corrosion.


d. Real Avid Bore Boss Billed as "the smarter bore cleaner," the Bore Boss from Real Avid is a self-contained cleaning tool that fits nicely in any blind bag. This 12-gauge bore cleaner features a braided mop, phosphor bronze brush, and 32-inch cable. Its compact storage case functions as a handle for pulling the mop through the gun bore.


e. Otis Technology Bio-Mix Starter Pack This gun-cleaning starter kit from Otis Technology comes with three tubes of biodegradable formulas to clean, lubricate, and protect your firearms. Also included is an all-purpose cleaning brush.


f. Otis Technology Dual Pack Otis offers two of its most popular biodegradable formulas in this economical Dual Pack. Firearm Surface Prep is an all-purpose cleaner designed to remove carbon and grit from your shotgun without disassembly. And Firearm Lubricant seeps into tight spaces and protects your gun's parts from friction.


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