Improved technological advancements in decoy manufacturing has these floaters, full bodies and motion decoys fooling everyone. Find the right species and decoy style to improve your spread in 2017.


a. Dakota Decoy Dabbler Pack Floating Mallards Dakota Decoy's new Dabbler Pack Floating Mallards contains three surface-feeder and three rester decoys with flocked heads. Molded with a new flush keel design, these decoys will float in less than one inch of water and can also be placed on ice or dry ground to imitate resting or sleeping birds.

b. Avian-X AXP and AXF Full Body Specklebelly Fusion Packs New to Avian-X's goose decoy line are AXP (painted) and AXF (flocked) full-body white-fronted goose decoys. Made of an advanced rubberized material and featuring highly realistic paint schemes, each AXP and AXF Fusion Pack includes three feeders, two walkers, and one sentry as well as motion stakes and a six-slot decoy bag.

c. Higdon XS Crazy Kicker Higdon's XS Crazy Kicker is a mallard drake feeder decoy that splashes water with two spinning legs. Powered by a rechargeable 12-volt battery, the Crazy Kicker turns on and off at regular intervals to mimic the natural movements of a feeding greenhead. Higdon is the official decoy partner of Ducks Unlimited, and a portion of your purchase of these decoys helps support DU's conservation mission.

d. GreenHead Gear Pro-Grade Fully Flocked Decoys GreenHead Gear is now offering Pro-Grade FFD floating mallard, black duck, northern pintail, and green-winged teal decoys. Made with durable flocking material, realistic paint schemes, and swivel heads, each six-pack includes four drakes and two hens.

e. Final Approach LiveCraft Full-Body Canada Geese Created in consultation with award-winning wildlife sculptor Doug Eck, Final Approach's new LiveCraft full-body Canada goose decoys feature flocked heads and tails, detailed paint schemes, and shock-cord motion systems. Each combo six-pack includes two feeders and two sentries as well as a walker and relaxed-body decoy.

f. Mojo King Mallard Mojo Outdoors has completely redesigned its trademark spinning-wing decoy. The decoy body is made of soft plastic and the motor and wings are connected directly to the pole to prevent wobbling. The King Mallard also comes with a built-in remote receiver and removable rechargeable battery.

g. Gerber Decoy Weights These pre-rigged Texas-style decoy cords and weights are available in 36-, 48-, or 60-inch lengths of 400-pound monofilament or PVC-coated steel cable. They can be ordered with mushroom or egg sinkers in weights ranging from 4 to 12 ounces and come with heavy-duty ball-bearing swivels, aluminum crimps, and a carabiner.

h. Cabela's Northern Flight Blue-winged Teal A recent addition to Cabela's Northern Flight series, these blue-winged teal decoys feature soft plastic bodies and weighted keels. They are sold in six-packs consisting of three drakes and three hens, which come with a lifetime guarantee.

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