Through all of the difficulties of 2020, the waterfowling industry maintained its innovative nature as several companies launched great new products. From blind bags to waders, the following items are designed to improve the way you hunt.

Drake Eqwader Breathable 1600G Wader With Tear-Away Liner

Higdon 12-Slot Full-Size Goose Decoy Bag

MOMarsh Home Cot

SportDOG Brand YardTrainer 300

Beretta B-Wild Game Bag

Avian-X Green-winged Teal Decoys

Drake Ghillie Boat Blind with No-Shadow Dual Action Top

Drake TZip Guardian Elite 4-Layer Wader With Tear-Away Liner

Sitka Bayou Blind Bag

Sitka Wader Bag

Tenzing Hangtime Pack

BlindGrass Camouflage Systems 8 lbs. Synthetic BundleGrass

Cabela's Northern Flight Walk-In Blind Bag

Rig'Em Right Refuge Runner Decoy Bag