Duck and goose call innovation continues to push the envelope with new materials, models, and color schemes. Here's a collection of top-notch calls from makers all over the country.


[1] Power Calls Spark WA Wood White-fronted Goose

[2] Flextone Green Thunder Polycarbonate Single-Reed Mallard

[3] Zink Calls Green Top Rocker Single-Reed Mallard

[4] Tim Grounds G Overhauler Acrylic Short-Reed Canada Goose

[5] 737 Calls Savage Acrylic Single-Reed Mallard

[6] Bird Dog Waterfowl San Andreas Slayer High-Grade Polymer Single-Reed Mallard

[7] Tim Grounds D Overhauler Acrylic Single-Reed Mallard

[8] Rich-N-Tone Mezzo Acrylic Single-Reed Mallard

[9] Power Calls Charge W Wood Single-Reed Mallard

[10] Rich-N-Tone Mondo Lower Arkansas Short (LAS) Acrylic Single-Reed Mallard

[11] Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Maple Double-Reed Mallard

[12] Flambeau Big River Calls Barrel Roll Wood Short-Reed Canada Goose

[13] Haydel's H2 series DR-85A Acrylic Double-Reed Mallard