There's always room for new decoys! The 2018 new releases from various manufacturers have upgraded materials, postures, flocking, and motion.


[1] Rig'Em Right 12-Slot Deluxe Decoy Bag

This new product is designed to carry a heavy load while also offering protection for your decoys. Handy features include padded carrying straps, a zip-top with oversized zipper, padded sides, integrated pockets in each slot for decoy weights, bottom drains, and an expandable pocket for decoy stakes.

[2] Higdon Standard Northern Shovelers

Higdon's new northern shoveler decoys will give your spread a different look. These lifelike decoys feature a highly detailed, proprietary paint scheme, a weighted keel with line-adjustment clip, and durable construction. They are sold in six-packs that include two drake skimmers, two upright drakes, and two upright hens. As a proud partner of Ducks Unlimited, Higdon supports DU's conservation efforts.

[3] Higdon Full-Size Full-Body Specklebelly Decoys

These highly realistic full-body specklebelly decoys are ideal for hunting in shallow water or dry fields. They have a one-piece body for easy transport and a darker paint scheme that provides greater contrast and visibility from a distance. The Variety Pack comes with two high-head adults, two adult feeders, one juvenile rester, and one juvenile feeder.

[4] Duck Creek Decoy Works Flashback Motorized Decoy

Designed to realistically imitate a tipping and dabbling drake mallard, the Flashback from Duck Creek Decoy Works may be the most innovative motion decoy to reach the market in years. The dipping motion of the rotating head puts ripples on the water and produces a strobe effect," which can be seen by ducks from a distance. The decoy includes a rechargeable 12-volt battery and charger.

[5] Avian X Topflight Oversized Flocked Black Ducks

Avian X's Topflight oversized black duck decoys are designed to be both lifelike and highly visible from afar. Featuring the company's weight-forward keel design, they come with a flocked body for added realism. Measuring 17 inches long, these decoys are hard to miss on the water.

[6] Flextone Lifesize Green-Winged Teal

World-champion carver Dick Rhode created the molds for Flextone's new line of waterfowl decoys, which feature lifelike postures, highly realistic feather detail, and weighted keels. These green-winged teal decoys are available in packs of six, which include three drakes and three hens.

[7] GreenHead Gear Pro-Grade Extra Definition (XD) Mallards

GHG is now offering Pro-Grade Extra Definition (XD) mallard decoys featuring a flexible plastic body, greater feather detail, more vibrant paint schemes, and weighted keels. The decoys come in active and surface-feeder postures and are sold in mixed packs of six or a dozen.

[8] Hard Core Rugged Series Full-Body Mallards

Hard Core designed the company's new Rugged Series full-body mallards for durability and realism. These one-piece decoys are made of flexible plastic and feature true-to-life paint schemes and feather detail. Drakes come with flocked heads. The TouchDown pack comes with one sentry drake, one rester drake, one sleeper drake, one feeder drake, one calling hen, one feeder hen, and six bases.

[9] Mojo Elite Series Pintail Spinning-Wing Decoy

Mojo Outdoors recently redesigned its trademark spinning-wing decoys, and the Elite Series pintail is the latest addition to the product line. The decoy body is made of soft plastic and the motor and wings are connected directly to the pole to prevent wobbling. This model runs on four AA batteries.