Several Ducks Unlimited-owned properties in South Dakota are open to public access during the hunting season. These properties are enrolled in the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks (SDGFP) public walk-in area program. Hunters are required to follow SDGFP rules to access DU properties and all other public walk-in area lands as listed on pages 4-5 in the SDGFP Hunting Atlas. Hunters must have appropriate SD hunting licenses and abide by all South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department hunting laws and regulations.

Species that can be hunted on DU lands include:

  • Upland Game: mourning dove, gray partridge, sharp-tailed grouse and pheasant
  • Waterfowl: ducks, geese, coot, tundra swan, common snipe and sand-hill crane
  • Big game: white-tailed deer

All DU land open to public hunting is clearly posted with either white or yellow SDGFP public walk-in access signage and/or blue colored signs that indicate DU land open to public hunting.

Ducks Unlimited permits public access on specified lands owned by the organization. Most properties are part of a Revolving Land Strategy and held for a short term. Accessibility to these properties is subject to change. Once DU sells a property, access to the land will be at the discretion of the new landowner. DU does not reserve special hunting or other privileges for anyone.

Contact Ducks Unlimited Land Manager in South Dakota Randy Meidinger with any questions or concerns.
Mobile: (605) 380-0380 / Email:

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