by Gary Koehler

Avery Outdoors Retriever Line

Avery Outdoors has expanded its line of sporting dog products. Among the innovations: a neoprene dog vest with flotation panels and a pliable handle on the back to help you pull your retriever out of the water; the ATB (Avery True Bird) retrieving dummy that combines a durable PVC shell and foam filling for a duck-like look and feel; and the new HexaBumper with six flat sides for easier holding. The line also includes dog blinds, lanyards, collars, and leads, as well as a cleverly designed trainer's bag. Watch for upcoming Team Waterdog events sponsored by Avery. These events feature seminars, demonstrations, and one-on-one training help from top retriever handlers.

Expedite Boat Ladder

The Edge dog ladder by Expedite is designed to ease the difficulty of hauling your dog over the side of a boat. Made of lightweight aluminum with a non-slip powder-coated finish, the ladder folds for storage and transport. Expedite also offers a closed-cell, foam-insulated dog pad that can be used in crates and kennels.

Tri-Tronics G2 E-Collars

Tri-Tronics, an industry pioneer since 1968, has unleashed its G2 Field and Pro Series electronic collars. The G2 transmitter is made of Lexan, the material used in bulletproof windshields, and is waterproof, lightweight, and less bulky than previous models. Button configurations, stimulation schemes, and price remain the same. The G2 features a removable battery pack, redesigned intensity dial for one-handed operation, and a new charging system. Range is one mile.

Dokken's DeadFowl Trainers

Dokken's DeadFowl Trainers are now available in duck, goose, and upland bird designs. Smaller units are made for puppies. The DeadFowl Trainer series dummies-all built to look like birds-feature soft bodies; free-swinging, hard heads; and hard legs and feet. Special duck or pheasant scent can be injected into the dummies. Dokken's check cord, a training staple for years, is brightly colored and available in lengths up to 30 feet.

Cabela's Training Kit

Cabela's dog-training kit contains just about everything you might need to put your dog through its paces. The deluxe version comes with a heavy-duty launcher and two dummies, launcher charges, a dozen (white and orange) throwing dummies, two bottles of training scent, a whistle, a choke collar, and a lead. All these items are housed in a handsome floating gear bag with plenty of pockets and storage areas to add other training items.

Portable Feeding Station

Traveling sportsmen will appreciate the Store-N-Feed To Go unit. A combination cooler and raised feeding station, it organizes food and water and keeps these essentials handy for your retriever. Food and water are stored under the cooler lid, which features recessed areas to hold the dog's bowls. The unit comes with a carrying bag that has an outside pocket for accessories or treats.

Travelite Truck Ramp

Lifting your dog in or out of your truck bed can be a chore. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, Travelite dog ramps are strong yet lightweight. In addition to saving your back, they are a healthy alternative for dogs that have to leap out of truck beds. Such activity can cause injuries to hips, joints, and spine. This ramp folds in half for easy storage.

SportDOG Expands E-Collar Line

SportDOG now offers its WetlandHunter e-collar in three sizes and ranges. Encouraged by the success of its SD-2000, the company this year added the SD-400 Camo and SD-800 Camo designs. The ultra-compact 400 features a 2.7-ounce receiver and 3.2-ounce transmitter with a range of 400 yards. The 800 has a slightly larger transmitter with a range of up to one-half mile. Both models come in Advantage MAX-4 HD and have a tone button, low battery detection, and two-dog capability.

Orvis Shotshell Collar And Lead

Orvis' fine leather snap lead with matching collar features brass shotshell adornments. The collar comes in sizes ranging from 16 to 26 inches. A brass nameplate is included and can be personalized with your name and phone number.

Coyote Ultimate Lanyard

Handmade from oil-tanned or latigo leather, the Ultimate Lanyard by Coyote Leather Company is a functional yet elegant training accessory. It is accented with either pewter or silver appointments depicting ducks, geese, retrievers, duck calls, or shotshells. Up to a half-dozen duck or goose calls can also be snapped on or off as needed. Handlers who prefer wearing electronic collar remote controls around their necks may want to check out the company's new e-collar lanyard.

Bumper Boy Remote Launcher

The Sportsman remote launcher by Bumper Boy is extremely helpful if you don't have assistants during training sessions. This two-position launcher comes with transmitter/receiver, two bumpers, 100 shells, and a battery charger. The Sportsman, which weighs only 6 pounds, is capable of shooting a bidirectional double, as well as standard retrieving challenges.