1. MoMarsh Dog Training Bumpers

Momarsh Dog Training Bumpers.jpg

Built for professional performance, these new bumpers offer durability, flotation, and comfortable mouth feel. They are available in medium and large and come in three different color schemes: “mark-white” for marking training, “blind-blaze orange” for working on blind retrieves, and “flash-black/white,” which creates a highly visible flash when thrown. momarsh.com

2. MoMarsh Versa-Vest

MoMarsh VersaVest.jpg

With six points of multi-directional adjustability, this unique vest will fit any dog 35 pounds or larger. It’s built with 5mm neoprene backed with 600-denier polyester fabric and features a rubberized chest panel for protection where it is needed most. Interchangeable cover panels are available in different colors and camo patterns for hunting in any kind of situation. Now available in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland. momarsh.com

3. SportDOG SportTrainer 575

SportTrainer 575.jpg

This training collar is designed for field training and hunting. Its easy-to-read OLED screen shows static stimulation level and battery status with just a glance. In multi-dog hunting and training situations, you can easily toggle between two dogs. It also offers 10 levels of both continuous and momentary static stimulation, as well as vibration and tone options. sportdog.com

4. Gunner Kennels Launches New Blaze Orange Color Scheme

GUNNER Orange.jpg

Gunner continues to make a splash with new and exciting color schemes for their products, and the addition of blaze orange is no different. Gunner is known for durable products that keep your dog safe and improve his experiences at home and in the field. You’ll find kennels, food bowls, and food crates available in this new color. gunner.com

5. Purina Pro Plan Multi Care Veterinary Supplements

Pro Plan Multi Care.jpg

Offering a wide range of benefits, Purina’s new Multi Care canine supplements will help your four-legged friend reach his potential. These soft chews provide pre-, pro-, and postbiotics that support digestive and immune health. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, zinc, and biotin support for skin health. proplan.com

6. Spot Pet Insurance

Spot Pet Insurance.jpg

Protect the investment you have in your retriever with Spot Pet Insurance. Once you have your pet insured, you can visit any veterinarian in the United States or Canada, file a claim, and get cash back for covered expenses. With several different plans to choose from—wellness, illness, accident, and behavioral—you can find the right coverage for your hunting partner. There’s no open enrollment time, offering the flexibility to sign up or cancel at any time. spotpetins.com