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Ducks Unlimited


It's a good time to catch your breath. Stay close. Recharge a bit. Maybe let some of that high-test eggnog work out of your system before you drive through the 4 a.m. dark.

For some, Christmas morning might mean another morning in the duck blind. But for most, it's a time to hit the pause button after a long few months grind on the water. Let the dog get some sleep. Let the waders dry.

And take a moment to reflect on the blessings of the year. And yes, even of this year. The blessings of health if you have it. Hope for healing if you need it. Gratitude for the friends who help you shoulder the decoys, and for the family who understands why you have to answer the call. And if your blessings include a wet Labrador lick, all the better. If not, fingers crossed. There's still hope until the last package is opened.

Angels on high. Dreams of sugarplums and PlayStation 5. Warm socks and gloves under the tree. Stocking candy for the next few weeks of duck hunts.

Sleep in, if the kids will let you. Take a nap. For a change, dont be sleep-deprived and grumpy. Be of good cheer. Christmas comes but once a year.

For tomorrow, we hunt.