Steward of the Land: Scott Brown

If you would like to help conserve wetlands and wildlife habitat, but cannot make a gift today, you can still leave a lasting conservation legacy by including Ducks Unlimited in your estate plan. Making a charitable estate gift is easy to do. Moreover, you retain control of your assets during your lifetime. Charitable estate gifts may also provide significant tax savings.

Scott Brown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, took the simple steps required to include Ducks Unlimited in his will because he wanted to make a gift that reflected his deeply held values and desire to conserve nature. Like Scott, when you make a gift through your estate to Ducks Unlimited and let us know about your gift, you become a member of the Feather Society-a special group of visionary DU supporters who have chosen to stand up for the future of waterfowl and the natural world.

"Including Ducks Unlimited in my will was a practical action, born from a desire to leave something behind that reflected my values and wishes to preserve the waterfowling experience," he said. "I have many special memories of training my dogs in Pennsylvania rivers and waterfowl hunting on the Eastern Shore. I've loved nature for as long as I can remember and my early experiences outdoors developed into a lifelong passion. Even today, spending time with my dogs and being outside are some of my favorite things to do."

Brown became a member of Ducks Unlimited years ago after he saw how efficient and effective DU's conservation work is. He is also pleased by how much the quality of his waterfowl hunting has improved. "In my opinion, compared to 20 years ago, the waterfowling experience has only continued to improve. I limit out, I've had the honor of harvesting banded birds, and the conditions for waterfowl have definitely improved because of DU's conservation efforts," he says.

"I made a charitable bequest to Ducks Unlimited because I want whatever I accumulate in life to go in a positive direction with the highest return for my investment. Ducks Unlimited really reflects my intentions in life, and I know they will carry out those intentions in the future. For me, supporting Ducks Unlimited and conserving nature is a natural way of saying thank you for the great resource I'm enjoying that has kept me healthy and strong."

To make a gift of any kind to Ducks Unlimited is an act of generosity. To make a long-term gift-one derived from the work of a lifetime-is to make a commitment beyond measure. Many of our members have included Ducks Unlimited in their wills and estate plans but haven't had the opportunity to tell us. If your plans include an estate gift to Ducks Unlimited, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generous commitment and welcome you to the Feather Society.

Support from friends like Scott Brown and you will ensure that DU can sustain its important conservation work for many years to come. And by sharing your intentions, we can keep you informed about our mission to protect the land and waters that you care so much about across this continent. Please contact Jon Rich, national director of gift planning, at or call 901-758-3763.