Ducks Unlimited and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently enhanced 387 acres of moist-soil and semi-permanent wetland habitat on Bonneau Ferry Wildlife Management Area (WMA) north of Charleston. Through the installation of seven water-control structures and repair of old embankments and existing canals, this public hunting area will provide improved habitat for waterfowl and hunting opportunities for waterfowlers.

Ducks Unlimited also completed a project on Palachucola WMA to restore hydrology and enhance waterfowl habitat on freshwater oxbows and inland rice fields. This 6,757-acre WMA is one of three properties (along with Webb Wildlife Center and Hamilton Ridge WMA) managed by South Carolina DNR staff as part of a 26,000-acre wildlife habitat complex along the Savannah River.

The South Carolina DNR requested assistance from Ducks Unlimited to convert the Palachucola project site from its current use for pine-timber production back to historical wetland habitat. Ducks Unlimited planted native bottomland hardwood species and restored habitat management capabilities through the installation of several water-control structures and other wetland infrastructure.