Ducks Unlimited project combatting Mississippi River flooding, protecting citizens and wetlands alike

Sertle hunter boat water

DU Regional Biologist Mike Sertle checking out new berms designed to hold back floodwaters from the Big Muddy River in southern Illinois.

Millions of residents along Mississippi River are facing a future of increased, and more severe, flooding. Intense rainfall events threaten the livelihoods and economies of communities along the river. An October 6 Wall Street Journal article features Ducks Unlimited’s work to mitigate those threats with smart solution: more wetlands. DU has partnered with the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative (MRCTI) to restore more wetland habitat that will soak up floodwaters while providing habitat for waterfowl. The Journal interviewed DU Regional Biologist Mike Sertle and featured DU scientists, biologists and engineers’ work along the Mississippi River in conjunction with MRCTI.

Read the article in the Wall Street Journal: As Mississippi River Flooding Gets Worse, 100 Mayors Try a New Fix